Writing Services That Are Anything but Good

If you’re a student, you’ve undoubtedly felt the chill of horror on your spine when a deadline was approaching with an up-to-no-good looks on its face. And you’ve probably started rummaging the Internet for good writing services to help you out of your predicament.

I can only hope you haven’t worked with any of the ones I’m about to tell you about. But if you did, you’ll at least feel better knowing you were not the only one that was extremely disappointed. Let’s see the five services I’ll never work with ever again.

1. Melda Research

feedback on MeldaResearch

Please go on their homepage and tell me if you’d be willing to work with this service that is so incapable that it doesn’t correct its grammar errors. At this point, you don’t even need testimonials on MeldaResearch or customer reviews to know this is abominable.

Discounts? Yes, there are some, but believe me. They don’t do you much good. Melda Research is famous for incompetency and was triggered by students for years. Not even their address is true. Melda Research, therefore, is a fraud that should not be allowed to exist.

2. Homework Market

feedback on HomeworkMarket

Muster the courage to look up some reviews of HomeworkMarket from previous customers, and you’ll see for yourself why this service is a no-no. This particular company has probably the lowest prices ever, but don’t let that misguide you.

Plus, they have coupon codes and various discounts that cut off from that price even more. The quality, of course, is reflected in that price. You better brainstorm and write your homework yourself than flush money down the drain with this company.

3. Paperial

feedback on Paperial

My rating of Paperial is “A lot of room for improvement.” Unfortunately, as of yet, it falls into the category of services one should avoid for one reason only: they answer to requests very late.

This is against the basic rules of a writing service. Students need papers, and they need them fast. In addition to this flaw, they have no promo code, which drives customers away instead of luring them.

4. I Write Essays

feedback on IwriteEssays

You do, that’s true, but in a manner that makes people flee in awe from you. First of all, their prices are unrealistic for the quality of the provided papers. Second of all, the references and resources used in the papers are subpar for the topics and the difficulty of the papers. And finally, testimonials on IwriteEssays on their webste are obviously faked.

Every review you’ll read on this company will tell you to pack your things up and keep on searching.

5. Darwin Essay

feedback on DarwinEssay

“Let’s use the name of an intellectual so that people think we’re bright.” That’s a nice ideology right there and, as ashamed as I might be, I gave it course. I was given poor-quality work. But at least I didn’t pay too much for it.

Whenever you see prices that are too low, you should know you’re dealing with a service that lacks in both quality and capability of working with customers as it should. And when you see all those stellar testimonials on DarwinEssay on their website, you cannot help but laugh. While you try to keep your tears behind your eyes.


Hundreds of writing services mushroomed all across the Internet. It’s very important that you know which of them you should stay away from, lest you 1) overpay for disturbingly low quality and 2) you fail your course in the meantime.

It takes a few minutes to make sure a writing service is indeed genuine. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out these five services are the kind of those you don’t want to work with.